Francis Gibbons

  • Francis “Frank” Gibbons (1852–1918) is recorded as being a student at the Coalbrookdale School of Art, Shropshire (1881–1882), where he worked with his elder brother Owen (1847–1911) as Assistant Master.

  • Advertisements record his brief employment at the Benthall Pottery Company (1882, artist; 1883, designer), and his obituary adds that he was "also for a period manager of Messrs Allen’s Pottery in Broseley, Shropshire” (that is, the Benthall Pottery Company).

  • The Coalbrookdale School of Art Roll of Honour board records that in 1882 Francis Gibbons was awarded a Gold Medal. This was an award in the National South Kensington examinations, and a contemporary local newspaper cutting at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum adds that he received it for a figure and arabesque design on a vase (cutting dated 18 [?month] 1883). The vase has not been identified.

  • Advertisements for Salopian Art Pottery in The Pottery Gazette for 1883, refer to Francis Gibbons and the award: “National Gold Medal, for majolica vase, awarded last year to our Designer, Mr. F. Gibbons”.

  • In 1884, at the International Health Exhibition, London, the Benthall Pottery Company displayed two pieces designed by Francis Gibbons, together with one piece designed by his brother Owen Gibbons and three designed by Henry Williams. The two pieces  designed by Francis Gibbons are listed in the exhibition catalogue as:
    • Exhibit 190 - Large plaque (Francis Gibbons)
    • Exhibit 191 - Yellow glazed plaque (Francis Gibbons)

  • There are only three known verifiable examples of Francis Gibbons’ work from his time at Benthall Pottery, seen here. Others pieces may exist.

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