Glazed | Shaped

  • Contemporary advertisements refer to Salopian Art Pottery's wide range of shapes and glazes: “Some of the shapes…are produced in most charming art-colours, such as peacock-green, turquoise-blue, crimson, amber, yellow, and olive green” (The Severn Valley, 1882); “The pottery is made in nearly three hundred shapes and produced in about thirty colours and effects” (Pottery Gazette, June 1883). These claims are certainly borne out by surviving pieces. 

  • The pieces displayed in this gallery concentrate on shapes and glaze effects, from all-over single colours to streaked, splashed, sponged, dabbed and mottled effects.

  • Many other shapes and glaze colours exist, and would be very interested to learn of them. If you can add to this gallery, please use thecontact formto get in touch.

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