Useful wares

  • The Benthall Pottery Company began as a domestic earthenware pottery, producing everyday useful wares (“country wares”) for the home, garden, farm and dairy. 

  • It continued with its well-established country ware business in parallel with its production of decorative Salopian Art Pottery.

  • As the market for decorative art ware declined, the Benthall Pottery Company returned to its core business, and the 1930s trade catalogue is dominated by jugs, bowls, teapots, coffee pots, jars, casseroles, pancheons, flower pots, etc.

  • The impressed SALOPIAN mark continued to be used, though it had become little more than a “factory mark”.

  • The pieces displayed in this gallery fall into the category of "useful wares". They reveal the Benthall Pottery Company’s less well known "other side”. 

  • Note: this gallery is not intended to be exhaustive – “useful wares” will also be seen in other galleries on this site (e.g Glazed | Shaped and 1930s pieces).

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