Wall plaques

  • The Benthall Pottery Company produced several sizes of wall plaque. 

  • Plaques were decorated with elaborately modelled raised work designs of fruit, flowers and shells, which can be as much as 50mm / 2in proud of the plaque.

  • Plaques were moulded with high-relief designs in a range of coloured glazes. 

  • Plaques were decorated with painted designs, and two examples can be attributed to named artists. Undecorated plaques were used by amateur artists, who painted them for personal use, and as entries in art competitions. 

  • Plaques were marked with the impressed “diamond” Salopian Art Pottery mark, used on higher quality pieces.

  • According to the Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks (Geoffrey Godden, revised edition 1991) the “diamond” mark "was registered in 1882”. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to independently verify this. The mark seems to have been used until c.1910. 

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