• The Benthall Pottery Company produced a small number of transfer-printed pieces.

  • Transfer-printed pieces were produced for the coronation of King George V in 1911, using the same shapes (a mug and a loving cup) as had been used for slip-painted pieces produced 14 years earlier for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. 

  • Two transfer-printed plates were commissioned from Adams Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, for the Shropshire Historical Pageant, held at Ludlow Castle in 1934, the same year the Benthall and Ironbridge Pottery Company was dissolved

  • An article in the Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, 20 February 1937, records that the potter Richard Whitmore was producing commemorative pieces for the forthcoming coronation of King George VI, and that he had produced similar pieces for the coronations of King Edward VII (1902) and King George V (1911). A photograph with the article shows some of the 1937 pieces, which are clearly transfer-printed.

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